Tumbleweedgal also goes by the name Tracy, a rootless Canadian currently living as a sub-editor in Ha Noi, Viet Nam.
Tumbleweeds are happiest when rolling and at their worst when tangled in barbed wire, so she's big on bedrolls and cookouts, road trips and adventure.
Right now, she is without wheels.
It seems unbelievable, but she no longer consumes coffee.

She is now fuelled by pho.

While she loves country-tinged tunes from Tarnation, the Sadies, Glenn Campbell and the Flatlanders, the truly sweet songs of the prairies come from Built to Spill, Belle & Sebastian and Elliott Smith.

This tumbleweed intends to roll home in July, 2004 to get hitched August 7.

1. I have freckles.
2. I usually work in radio.
3. Right now, I'm living in Ha Noi.
4. I'm working for a State newspaper.
5. I once broke down my '79 Toyota Celica in a ghost town.
6. I've visited Turkey.
7. I love to drive.
8. I've also seen Prague, Amsterdam, Nice, Venice, parts of Spain, Greece, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Viet Nam and Cambodia.
9. My Hyundai is parked at home while I work over here, but I'm still paying the damned lease.
10. The ass-sucking insurance company is still trying to weasel full payments out of me too.
11. Quality glassware makes the drink that much better.
12. High thread-count is an amazing thing. I can't afford it.
13. The idea of a Tivo fascinates me and makes me daydream.
14. I'm scared to light the barbecue and the hotplate.
15. My favourite movie is A Clockwork Orange.
16. I wonder if 'winter' here just means less sweating.
17. I am in love, and it keeps getting better.
18. I am wild about hotels, their toiletries and those spongy blankets.
19. We got engaged underwater. The wedding will be far more conventional--but not entirely.
20. I use free weights.
21. If I have to do cardio, I like to run.
22. My Dad and I ran with "hero" Steve Fonyo. I think he's a boozer now. Steve, not my Dad.
23. I met Gloria Steinem at a booksigning and could only say "Thank you."
24. I loved to read as a young adult.
25. I love to read now, and now appreciate countries where information is free and uncontrolled--unlike here.
26. I was once "married" at the 24-hour Church of Elvis in Portland. Their slogan is "it's cheap, not legal."
27. I'm a big fan of fruity smells.
28. I can make California rolls.
29. I'm actually a Newfie but I lost the accent. It comes back when I'm drunk.
30. For a while, I was raised Roman Catholic.
31. Now, I like to refer to myself as a solipsistic hedonist.
32. I should just tell you right now: I fully intend to wear a knee-length wedding dress.
33. I'm a sucker for packaging.
34. I could read Saturday's newspaper all day long and often do. I wish I didn't have to trek a long way here to find one of the few real newspapers and pay an exorbitant amount for it.
35. I had my nose pierced when I was 17, at a time when kids would point and laugh
36. I am a graduate of Applied Communication.
37. I've lived in Victoria, BC.
38. I had the opportunity to eat fried chicken feet, but I turned it down.
39. My first kiss was on the dance floor at 14 to Stairway to Heaven.
40. A life-changing album for me was Belle and Sebastian's If You're Feeling Sinister.
41. A life-changing song was When Not Being Stupid is Not Enough by Built to Spill/Caustic Resin.
42. We have maid service included in the cost of our rent.
43. My favourite season is autumn.
44. I was born July 22, 1971.
45. I cry about no longer having home Internet connection.
46. My niece and nephews are cuter than yours.
47. I am the middle child and the black sheep.
48. My hair is the thickest any hairdresser's dealt with.
49. My feet are the widest any shoe salesman's seen.
50. But I'm not a yeti.
51. Surprisingly, Diet Dr. Pepper just rocks.
52. My sister and I both wore braces on our legs when we were toddlers.
53. I raise my left eyebrow a lot.
54. My weight fluctuates about 50 lbs.
55. Photography's cool but I'm not very good.
56. I don't know how to change a tire.
57. Living in Viet Nam is good for the figure.
58. I went from top honours student, to slacker, back to the top.
59. Just as I started making a decent salary, I abandoned my job. There are no regrets; I lived in a place called Red Deer.
60. I don't buy Saran Wrap or garbage bags.
61. I have a coffee table with mother-of-pearl inlay. I can't tell you how much pleasure that gives me.
62. We buy bread out of a huge basket from a little lady in a conical hat squatting by the side of the street.
63. I'm wondering when to have the babies.
64. My favourite item of clothing is a vintage, turquoise-blue jacket with faux-fur collar. It doesn't fit.
65. I will stop for all outrageously-sized, manmade, roadside kitsch.
66. Reading Dooce started my love affair with blogging.
67. I want a house with a backyard just so I can hang a hammock.
68. I'm cursing myself for never having gotten my hair straightened before.
69. My pinkies turn in.
70. I try not to go out in sweatpants.
71. I'm really impatient.
72. I smell French fries.
73. Herman Hesse is cool.
74. Oh, sure squat toilets are more sanitary.
75. I once had baked Alaska.
76. I prefer dialogue-driven movies.
77. I don't like to sit in the middle.
78. I never want to live in the suburbs.
79. I need to visit Chicago.
80. And Austin.
81. As far as ice cream goes, you can't do better than Haagen-Daaz coffee.
82. Math is so not my thing.
83. I like see-thru shower curtains.
84. I'm not the kind of girl to snort cocaine off someone's ass.
85. I judge harshly those who judge.
86. I'm pretty good with change and have had to adapt.
87. I've moved 8 times in the last 10 years.
88. I once retrieved my luggage off the top of an Indian bus.
89. My favourite landscape is the desert.
90. My favourite dessert's creme caramel.
91. My honeymoon with Instant Messenger is over.
92. People shouldn't feel they're ever stuck.
93. I want more time and balls to freelance audio pieces.
94. I want to learn a martial art.
95. Being in my thirties is good.
96. I think I'm sexy.
97. I think I'm happy.
98. I plan to keep learning.
99. I wanna be in a band.
100. I've got a fine set of teeth.

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